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Our Fishing Club members have a choice of two lakes – Lawrence Lake (8 acres) and Park Lake (50 acres).  Members are entitled to fish on any day between 15th April and 15th October, on which date the fishery closes until the following Spring.

We have a club room where fish can be weighed, cleaned and recorded, and this also has washing and toilet facilities.    Three rowing boats are available on Park Pit.    Prior to the start of the season, we have an Annual Dinner for members in the Estate Office rooms, to which all members and their guests are invited.

The subscription covers the 6 month season – and of course the Annual Dinner – and is payable at the start of the season in April.    The membership fee is reviewed annually, and can be checked with Gail Ashton or Kathy Hunter on 01737 844879.

Membership fees are payable by e-payment or cheque to Dungates Sporting Ltd – contact details below.    Our simple membership rules are as follows:

  1. Fishing will be during daylight hours only, on Lawrence Lake and Park Lake.
  2. Fly fishing only is allowed, either wet or dry.  Spinning, bait and other methods are not allowed.  No ground bait or feeding is permitted.
  3. Members may keep a maximum of four trout per day including one of over four pounds weight.  All other fish must be returned.  Please also return all salmon.
  4. A fishing book is provided in the Fishing Room.
    Members are required to enter details of the fish taken from the Lake before they depart on the day in question.  (This action is necessary to ensure efficient management and maintenance of a high standard of fishing).
  5. Members may use the parking area outside the Fishing Room to park their cars and are asked not to park elsewhere, eg not in the Sawmill yard.
  6. Each member will receive a key to the Fishing Room and a key for the gate to Park Lake.  Members are expressly asked not to copy these keys or let them out of their possession.  Lost keys may be replaced by approaching the Owners’ Representatives.
  7. Members are asked to see that the Fishing Room is left locked with lights and water off whenever they are the last to leave.
  8. The Owners especially request that no rubbish of any sort is deposited around the Lake or the Fishing Room.
  9. Members are respectfully asked to leave their dogs at home as their presence at the lakeside annoys other members.
  10. Each member may bring guests on any day but only one guest may fish at any one time in addition to the member inviting him.  In any event the total number of fish killed by a member and his guest must remain within the limit set in 5 above.
  11. For reasons of security and to protect the interests of both the Owners and individual Members the Water Bailiff, Steve Smallbone, will make regular visits to the Lake and will introduce himself to Members, who are encouraged to advise him of anything untoward.
  12. Serious or repeated breach of the above rules may result in a Member being banned from fishing without return of subscription, if the Owners feel that such action is necessary to protect the interests of other Members.
  13. The Owners reserve the right to refuse membership in any individual case if they see fit so to do.

Estate Contact details:

If you wish to join, please contact either

Gail Ashton or Kathy Hunter, Buckland Estate Office (Office hours 9am-4pm)

Phone   01737 844879

Email    sporting@dungate.powernet.co.uk

Address      Dungates Sporting Ltd, Buckland Estate Office, Lawrence Lane, Buckland, Surrey RH3 7BE.



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